Rotovalve Heavy

Rotovalve Heavy  
The Rotovalve Heavy is the solution offered by SteriValves to dose powder and granules in the process phase.
Due to the spherical shape of the body and the ability to incorporate various vane and compartment configurations appropriate to the application, the Rotovalve Heavy provides accurate and sanitary dosing for pharmaceutical applications. These important factors make the Rotovalve Heavy the ideal solution for compression machines, fillers, mills, weighing stations and much more.
In comparison to standard rotary valves Rotovalve Heavy can work also with overpressure or vacuum. The design and the features of the valve are optimized for applications in food and pharmaceutical fields.
The special clamp that is supplied with the valve (quick open versions) makes it more ergonomic and sterile. The Rotovalve Heavy can be actuated by air actuators, pneumatic or electric motors.
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