Solimar Fluidizer

Solimar Fluidizer  
Solimar Pneumatics is a leading designer and supplier of aeration systems and engineered components for the dry bulk material handling industry. 
Solimar services hundreds of customers worldwide with thousands of applications in silos, over-the-road truck trailers and lorries, intermodal containers, and railcars.
Solimar products are used in over 67 countries around the world assisting in the movement of over 120 different materials.
Why Solimar Aeration Systems?
  • Superior sealing properties at the outer edge of the aerator rubber stops the back flow of product into aeration lines - even when flood loading.
  • Optimized air volume unloads your silo or trailer faster. Too much air moves more air than product
  • Original durable design will not crack, wear prematurely or clog like fabric pads. Carbon, stainless or aluminum models in a variety of sizes provide high volume, low pressure, or low volume, high pressure aeration.
  • F.D.A. approved materials with operating temperatures up to 450° F (230° C).
  • Direct replacement with improved performance for Fruehauf, Heil, Polar or Sure Seal aerators.
  • Longer warranty than any competitor.
  • Thousands of parts always in stock for on-time delivery.
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