Keofitt Sampling Valves

Keofitt Sampling Valves  
Only Keofitt has been able to address all of the above requirements, standards and test procedures. How The Keofitt Sterile Sampling Valve design has been constantly refined over the past 25 years proven in practice by thousands and thousands of manufacturers and by more than 70,000 valves in use every day. The Keofitt Sterile Sampling Valve is the most sold and most widely used sterile sampling valve ever! And the concept is just as unique as it is simple:
The overall design of the valve is simple and effective. The construction is solid and durable with smooth surfaces to eliminate residue and maximise safety. Keofitt sampling valves are used for a wide range of products in the brewery, dairy, pharmaceutical, biochemical and cosmetic industries. All Keofitt sampling valves are 3A certified. The M4 and W9 Keofitt sampling valves are EHEDG certified as well.
The Keofitt sampling valve is: 
  • Highly durable
  • Easy to sterilise in place


The video below illustrates the simplicity of the Keofitt Membrane Sampling Valve, which makes it possible to obtain aseptic samples at all times during the process.
Inside the valve body two tubes are connected through a circular duct around the rubber membrane, and owing to this construction it is possible to sterilise the interior of the valve before and after use.
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