Conveying eductors

Conveying eductors  
CON-V-AIR eductors for pneumatic conveying application is the low cost solution to trouble free conveying of bulk solids. Convey distance up to 150 ft at a conveying rate of 10 000 pounds / hour. No moving parts mean that your system will work 24/7 without required maintenance. When you need to convey bulk solid, ask for a CON-V-AIR eductor.
How does it work? 
Eductors use the vacuum created by the venturi to introduce the bulk solids into the conveying line. Technological advances realised by CON-V-AIR will allow you to use an affordable air source provided either by a regenerative blower or a positive displacement blower while conveying without the need for a rotary airlock.
Testing is available in our lab with your products. Our eductors are fully refundable should you not be totally satisfied with its performance.
CON-V-AIR Experience:
This process takes in the material and gently blows it to it's final destination. This makes feeding the line much easier, without particle breakage.
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