RAM Series/Exhausters

RAM Series/Exhausters  
RAMTM series units are heavy-duty machines designed with integral-shaft, involute profile impellers. The RAM series incorporates thrust control, with splash oil lubrication at both ends of the blower. All frame sizes are equipped with rugged detachable steel mounting feet to permit in-field adaptability to either vertical or horizontal installation requirements. All RAM units may operate under either vacuum or pressure applications with no equipment modification.
Standard RAM units offer pressures to 18 psig (1240 mbar) and vacuums to 16 inch Hg (542 mbar). Flows from 170 to 6000 m3/hr.
RAM-J equipment feature the exclusive WHISPAIRTM jet. These blowers operate with up to 40% less pressure pulsation than conventional blowers due to the equalizing effect of the WHISPAIR design.
RAM series units are available with an optional inlet spray nozzle and seal water flow meter combination for water injection. This feature cools the unit to enable the unit to reach deeper vacuums while minimizing potential impeller and casing distortion.
All RAM series units are available with special seals for gas applications. These seals feature a piston ring system between the compression chamber and vent cavities. Special long-life mechanical seals are installed at each bearing to control gas and oil leakage.

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