ROOTS™ RAM X™ Tri-lobe Positive Displacement

ROOTS™ RAM X™ Tri-lobe Positive Displacement  

RAM X tri-lobe rotary blowers are heavy-duty units with high strength integral-shaft ductile iron impellers designed with an involute profile for maximum efficiency. The blowers feature ROOTS WHISPAIR™ discharge for even quieter operation.



• Tri-lobe impeller for quieter operation, less vibration and minimal downstream pulse

• WHISPAIR discharge for even quieter operation

• Carburized and ground alloy steel timing gears for long life and consistent performance

• Cylindrical roller bearings for longer bearing life        

• Piston ring seals for less air leakage

• Splash lubrication from oil sumps with sight glasses on each end for easy maintenance

• Detachable feet and drive shaft extension to adapt to horizontal or vertical configuration

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